About Us

Rebus Theatre creates social change through powerful, inclusive theatre.

A woman cups a mans face on stage



‘Incredibly telling and powerful’  

We run programs, create original performances and deliver theatre-based workplace training.

A young man with disability is used to workers speaking for him. He speaks from a stage under lights, feeling heard for the first time.

A dancer contorts her body. The audience feels, viscerally, the pain and fear behind the warnings of a climate scientist.

Public servants watch as an actor portrays a colleague experiencing a panic attack. They explore ways to support her.

Injured service people stand in a circle playing a game, and remember how to laugh.

This is some of the work that Rebus does.

A person dancing on stage
2 actors acting anxiety on stage

Why theatre?

Theatre is uniquely powerful. It can bring about change, in an individual, a community, or a whole society. Theatre engages the body and the emotions, as well as the mind. It makes deeper and more lasting change possible. The stage is a place where we can imagine any reality, any future. It’s where we can be the change we want to see in the world.

Forum Theatre

All of our workplace training and some of our other work uses Forum Theatre. This is a form developed in Brazil and Peru by Augusto Boal. In Forum Theatre, actors present a problem based on lived experience. Members of the audience may choose to step onto the stage to play characters trying to solve the problem. They engage their bodies, minds and emotions in rehearsing change. They take part in a theatrical dialogue searching for ideal solutions. Those who choose not to participate on stage watch and listen. They may engage in discussion and dialogue.

Why ‘Rebus’?

A woman posing on stage

A Rebus is a puzzle in which pictures represent words. A picture of an eye, a can of soup and the ocean might mean ‘I can see’. We challenge audiences to take real-life pieces of social puzzles, change behaviour and assemble a positive new picture.

Our vision

We believe in a sustainable and ethical society that is inclusive, creative, compassionate and accessible to everyone.

Our mission

Rebus is an inclusive company using theatre and other arts to stimulate healing and provoke social and environmental change. We work with people with lived experience of marginalisation to create innovative, powerful performance in diverse contexts.

What We Do