What If Scientists Ruled The World

What If Scientists Ruled the World!?

An interactive Forum Theatre performance about the challenges of science communication

On 8 May 2021, a group of science communicators and actors took to the stage at the Australian Academy of Science’s heritage listed Shine Dome.

Audiences joined an interactive theatre performance to experience an intriguing alternate world where science just might save humanity, or destroy it, depending on how it is used. The performance followed a Forum Theatre format, where the audience’s words shape what will happen on stage.

A poster with an image of the Australian Academy of Science at the forefront

A co-production of Falling Walls Engage and the Australian Academy of Science, this event was directed by Rebus Theatre in Canberra, with the participation of Science Engagers—part of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Australia.

The performance was live streamed with remote audience members also intervening and shaping the outcome of the story. Audiences consisted of people located in Australia, Germany, Spain, Kenya, Austria, India the United States, the United Kingdom and more. You can view the performance online here.

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