Workplace FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions about our experiential workplace training 

Q. Are you still holding training sessions during COVID19 restrictions?

A. Yes. COVID19 restrictions will affect the number of trainees who can be in a room. Whave protocols around hand sanitising and touch that we ask trainees to adhere to. 

Q. What is the minimum number of people needed to hold this kind of training session?

A. The minimum number of people required to book a Rebus training session is 12.  If you have a small business and are still interested in booking your employees into a session, please contact us  and we can look at partnering you with other organisations or we’ll let you know when we’re holding public sessions. 

Q.What is the maximum number of people per session?

A. While maximum numbers are negotiable, we recommend no more than 10trainees per session. The ideal number of trainees is 40 to 60.  

Q. How long do the sessions go for?

A. The training runs for 2 hours.

Q. What if my workplace doesn’t have a training room?

A. We can work with you to secure a suitable venue for the training session. 

Q.  How much do the training sessions cost?  

A.  The cost of training sessions varies depending upon the number of sessions you book.  We have discounts for community and not-for-profit organisations. Pleasecontact us to discuss costs.  

Q.  What are your room and equipment requirements for the training? 

A. We require a training/conference style room with:

  • seating capacity for the number of people attending 
  • a 6mx4m space for the performance to take place at the front (we do not need a raised stage)  
  • 10 chairs  
  • access to the training space 1.5 hours before the session begins. If this is not possible, access to a nearby room for the first hour and at least 30 minutes in the training space to set up 
  • training rooms must be wheelchair accessible.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit when I book a training session?

A. Yes. We require payment of a deposit to confirm a booking. You should read through our terms and conditions for further information on bookings, payments and cancellations.

Q.  My company is not in the ACT but I would really like to book Rebus.  Do you perform interstate? 

A.  Yes.  We do travel interstate.  There are additional costs associated with travel and accommodation expenses for actors.  Contact us for more information. 

Q. Can I book Rebus to do different kinds of training?

A. Yes.  TheForumTheatre format can be adapted to a range of different training needs.  If you are interested in engaging us to develop a specific training program for your workplace contact us to discuss options. 

Q.  Do I have to get up onstage and participate? 

A.  No. While many trainees feel compelled to get onstage and intervene, no one is pressured to participate.  We encourage a positive and safe environment for trainees to contribute in whatever way they feel comfortable. Participants also learn by observing or taking part in discussion.

Q. The scenarios seem exaggerated.  Do these things really happen to people with disability?  

A. Yes. While we weave many incidents together into one story for dramatic effectall of our scenarios are based on the real lived experiences of people with disability in our community. 

Q. Do we get to speak to the actors?

A. Yes. Trainees are welcome to ask our actors questions about their experiences as people with disability, and our actors will answer if they feel comfortable to do so, respecting their right to privacyWe encourage trainees to meet our actors after the session whenever possible. 

Q.  I am a person with a disability who would like to get involved in acting.  Can I join Rebus?

A.  Yes – please contact us and register your interest, so we can let you know about our future activities.

Got another question?  Contact us for a chat