Keep Calm and Panic!

Keep Calm and Panic!

A 15 Minute comedy about anxiety

Keep Calm and Panic was created by Rebus’ (then) core management team, Cara Matthews, Ben Drysdale and Robin Davidson, based on their lived experiences. It features some of the quirky coping mechanisms for living with anxiety, as well as commercials selling anxiety’s benefits. 

Remember what it was like to sleep like a baby? When your head hit the pillow and you sank instantly into a deep, dreamy sleep, without tossing and turning, thoughts swimming and churning? Well that blissful slumber can be yours again, with panic attacks. After an hour of crawling, cringing, and crying in a corner, you’ll conk out into a coma for twelve hours straight. Available anywhere traumatic memories are triggered.


A Man and a Woman on stage

First created for Short n Sweet Festival 2016, excerpts of the show were later performed as part of Fck Anxiety, a fundraiser for Beyond Blue at Polit Bar, and All In.

male actor points to crowd smiling
female actor mimes sleeping
actor in foreground with actor in background moving forward
2 actors sit on stage express anxiety

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