A crossdisciplinary creative development about the effects of living with trauma. 
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In 2016, Rebus interviewed two trauma researchers, five local people with lived experience of trauma and one interstate researcher who also had lived experience. The interviews were then played to a creative team of artists, comprising of actor Ben Drysdale, dancer Alison Plevey, musician Cinton McRobert and digital artist John Carolan and director Robin Davidson. This creative team then developed creative responses to the interview content. 


The performance addressed a range of issues faced by people with lived experience of trauma. These issues and ideas were expressed through theatre, dance, masked performance, video projection, song, and instrumental composition. 

A woman poses on stage holding a screwdriver on to the palm of her hand

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The team created more than 35 minutes of original material which was performed to an invited audience of 40.  


We were delighted at how quickly material came together and how well we worked as a team. Most of us had never worked together before. While the material we were working with was heavy, there was a joy and lightness in much of the process. We were excited by the pieces we created, and the variety of styles we were able to use. These included interaction with projection, performance poetry, solo dance, naturalistic theatre and mask. One scene was semi-improvised.’ Robin Davison, Director  


Supported by ArtsACT in partnership with the Mental Health Foundation ACT (link to

A man and a woman on stage acting out anxiety
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