Mica Mahani’s Forest Spectacular (Bega Valley Shire)

Rebus Theatre’s Project Alchemy and the March For Forests present:

Mica Mahani’s Forest Spectacular

10:30 am Sunday March 24th

Littleton Gardens, Bega

Step into the enchanting world of Mica Mahani’s Forest Spectacular, an experimental community performance celebrating the love of native forests. With over 30 performers spanning all ages, this spectacular unfolds with a kaleidoscope of talents, including dance, cheerleading, movement theatre, and a big brass band that will set your heart pounding.

The Forest Spectacular extends the narrative of the “Children Of Destiny,” urging us to embrace the spirit of the forest and unite in its protection. Playful and empowering, the performance beckons audiences to stand as stewards of the earth, harmonizing with the magic of the woods.

This performance also showcases the debut of an original song by the acclaimed singer/songwriter Melanie Horsnell, and a pumping soundtrack from the BAAD (Bega All Ages Development) Band.

While the Forest Spectacular makes no promises, it is shaping up to be a truly unique community event.

The Forest Spectacular is part of a Project Alchemy, a series of cross disciplinary arts projects to build community connection across south-east Australia. The project is facilitated by award winning Canberra based Rebus Theatre and involves 15 artists from Bega Valley Shire, Eurobodalla Shire, East Gippsland, Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council, and the ACT.

Project Alchemy is made possible thanks to funding from the Australian Government for the Black Summer Bushfire Grant Program. Rebus is also supported by Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres and the ACT Government.

More about Rebus here.

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And image of kids playing in the forest with Koalas photoshopped in nearby
A Cheerleader leaping in the air doing the splits in the firest