Moving Climates

A cross-disciplinary artistic response to the inner world of climate scientists.  

In 2018 Rebus Theatre revisited the creative development model used to create Fractured in 2016. Directors Robin Davidson and Ben Drysdale interviewed scientists working on climate change about their feelings around their work. Actor Cara Matthews, dancer Alison Plevey, digital artist John Carolan and composer/musicians Ruth O’Brien and Adam Thomas, created scenes in response.  

There were three showings of this creative development as part of National Science Week 2018, to near sell-out crowds. Q&A sessions held after the performances sparked deep discussions.  

As a result of the robust discussion, director Robin Davidson held a workshop the following weekend to help process emotional responses to climate change.  

Supported by the ACT Government and Ainslie & Gorman Arts Centres. 

Moving Climates is obviously a passion project for Rebus Theatre, and one that has the potential to connect with the doubts, fears and hopes of a wide audience. – City News review 

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