The Beauty Thief


The Beauty Thief

A  funny, thought-provoking play,  created by thespians of differing ability

In 2021 Rebus Theatre produced The Beauty Thief, a reflection on the idea of beauty, and its relationship to worth and power, devised by the participants of our Flair program. In the form of a traditional fairy tale, the story unfolded using minimal dialogue, relying on movement and music to tell the tale, with dance sequences performed by the CDTribe (formerly CDTeens) from Canberra Dance Theatre. The Beauty Thief was funny, moving and thought-provoking.

All dialogue in the play was also projected on a screen, so the performance could be appreciated by people who are hard of hearing or deaf.

The play title "The Beauty Thief" appears next to a blonde woman wearing a red cloak and smiling at you with a raised eyebrow

‘Rebus’s tale, told by actors with unconventional and differing abilities is entirely original and thoroughly captivating. Directors Robin Davidson and Sammy Moynihan bring a wealth of experience and a keen sense of theatricality to the task of guiding their cast through the enriching experience.’ Canberra Critics Circle review by Peter Wilkins

A woman in a wolf costume smiles at the camera
A poster with a woman in the forefront of the image smiling at the camera and six people on the left side


Original music by Marlene Radice

Costumes by Victoria ‘Fi’ Hopkins

Lighting design by Ali Clinch

Directed by Robin Davidson and Sammy Moynihan.

This project was funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency. Rebus Theatre is supported by the ACT Government, and Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres.

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