Workplace Testimonials

“I don’t remember what I had for dinner last night, but I remember every minute of that training session” 

Kathleen – Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 

Two women on stage

What are people saying about Rebus’ Access All Areas Workplace Training?

“I found the REBUS forum theatre performances thought provoking and challenging. Whist the performances are definitely entertaining, the capacity to challenge and cause the audience to question their own behaviour and the behaviour of others is for me the real value. 

One observed the above in the reaction and intervention of audience members, demonstrating the power of the performances and the interpretation of scripts. 

I believe there is a great deal of opportunity for these theatre performances to be applied in many settings in the community. I can see how the performances could be applied to raise awareness, for instance, in my workplace, the Assembly, in service delivery, management and in policy settings, Government, Non Government, the private sector and of course schools and colleges.

I can’t recommend the wide application of the model enough. Thank you once again to everyone involved.” 

Mary Porter AM MLA. 

Testimonials from the Federal Department of Education 2018

“It’s better than other bias training I’ve attended. Much more real”

“It’s a great way to show how small changes can influence difficult situations”

“I felt connected and empowered from seeing how saying “stop” and speaking up can make a difference”

Testimonials from the Federal Department of Industry Innovation and Science Conference 2018

“This is fantastic. Will recommend”

Will recommend this form of delivery to other colleagues”

“At first, coming up and intervening was hard but it got easier as it was dealt with in a really safe way”

Workplace Training Achievements

Testimonials from ‘Recruit & Retain’ at various workplaces services 2013-present 

2 women on stage

‘I don’t remember what I had for dinner last night, but I remember every minute of that training session’

‘It’s better than other bias training I’ve attended. Much more real’

‘It [the show] focused on the importance of every individual interaction, not just a procedure. It actually forced you to marry the content with your own workplace, and what you knew. So it exposed challenges sufficiently and got you thinking creatively instead of tactically.’

‘It encourages people to push past difficulties, or really work toward some structural changes. An individual can do so much, but it’s also within the environment we exist in, what’s possible and what’s not.’

‘I thought that it was both challenging and rewarding. I loved that idea of being challenged to actually participate and not just think with our heads, but think with our interactive bodies.’

Very entertaining, interactive and informative.

I liked the audience participation, as it allowed different opinions to be shared.

Very powerful and memorable. Great to see people’s strategies for dealing with situations.

Interesting and effective form of training and awareness.

I always find it incredibly telling and powerful. This is my third experience with it.

The acting was exceptional. Rebus got the points of discrimination across and how to make a difference

Great Eye Opener. Really glad that I was able to participate. This will really change how I am in the future.

Really great way to learn and actually put yourself in a situation. Fantastic.

A great session, very insightful. Given me confidence in taking action as a leader/coach in the scenarios presented.

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Testimonials from ‘Justice’ at various justice services 2019

A gavel on top of the international symbol of access

“The potential to challenge and inform and truly create genuine opportunities for individual and systemic inclusion, improved access, responsiveness and respect”

“It’s practical! Getting direct feedback from presenters made all the difference”

“Thought-provoking situations”

“It should be mandatory training for all front line (and policy) justice sector officers with yearly refresher training. Having delivered training to justice sector stakeholders of a more traditional format I am convinced this style of training would have a far more significant impact, if it was delivered with the same skill and expertise of this brilliant Rebus team.”

“Make the time to attend as you will walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the challenges and misconceptions that we have in our dealings with persons with disabilities”

“A very unique way of highlighting the huge pitfalls for people within the system or just dealing with the system.”

“I liked the idea of being confronted with multiple different ways people with a disability have been treated within the justice system to expose how it can be and feel for people in that situation.”

“The ability to be shown how one process or step of change can impact such a drastic outcome is encouraging to individuals and hopefully empowers people to act and make a difference”

“It was really insightful”

“The method of presenting was engaging rather than listening to a speech for 2 hours.”

“Informative, insightful and I related to the situations.”

“The delivery of the information was incredibly engaging

“Very effective training, achieved its desired goal of training people to better work with people with disabilities”

“It was excellent to have presenters/actors who have disabilities

“Very personable and human”

“The presentation was engaging and charismatic

“The actors were brilliant. The convener was skilled at keeping things on track. The lessons for our practice are very obvious when presented in this way.”

“The concept of going through the second role play using different approaches and talking through these. Very clever!”

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Testimonials from ‘Health’ at various health services 2019

A woman caring for a girl

“It was based on actual cases so we’re aware of what real people are facing in the health industry”

‘It tells a real story

”Thought provoking and real people acting out real scenes

”The power of this method to bring people to experience life as it is for others, in all its complexity – the pressures on the health system and its workers, as well as on health consumers with disability. And the uplifting sense of how we can make change by how we respond. Brilliant process undertaken by highly committed and talented people! And created from the lived experience of all groups in the health sector and of members of the ensemble, all of whom identify as having a disability.”

”I’m very aware of the issues portrayed but sometimes we get disconnected from the reality on the ground for people. The format of the workshops helps to connect and empathise.”

”It was a valuable learning experience.”

”The presentation was very practical and engaging, very worthwhile”

”It’s a great way to reflect on your own practice. Also interesting to hear real life experiences.”

”Prepare to be uncomfortable,  but all professionals should come to this training.”

”Don’t even think about missing this opportunity!”

”Valuable insight into a persons experience with services and focus on addressing the needs of the individual.”

”Do not miss this!”

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Testimonials from ‘Community’ at various community groups and services 2018

Two women on stage

”Excellent – can’t wait to go back to my workplace and share this. Well worth my time. Great session, thank you!”

”Keep up the great work. Thank you for making me feel more comfortable in speaking up.”

”Most fun P.D I have ever done (and you can quote me!)”

”Entire cast with disabilities (some playing characters without disabilities) it’s a great way of showing that disability doesn’t make people so different from anyone else.”

”I think it should be compulsory training for client services especially Federal Government. What incredibly strong, persuasive performances.  Learnt a new way of being courageous.”

”Really showed the inclusive development of performance and incorporation of lived experience and really inclusive format.”

”It took the time to explore all characters perspectives in a scene. It evoked great empathy.”

”Raised important issues and built skills in a fun way.”

”It was accessible and I mean this in [both] the interactivity and passive viewing. People had ability to participate in different ways.”

”People being prepared to share their time to teach me about some of the challenges they face/have faced. So I can behave in a way more inclusive in my community.”

”It encouraged me not to shy away from the difficult conversations.”

”Such a unique experience: interactive, informative.”

”Really refreshing format. Super engaging and fun.”

”An interesting and informative way to learn about disability awareness.”

”Great format and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to make change which is a great skill to take away.”

”Experiential and inclusive. Non-judgemental.”

”The mix of performance and learning, really interesting.”

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Testimonials from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Canberra 2015

“Excellent. I highly recommend this to other organisations” 

Excellent. Great having the actors be happy to answer questions.” 

“Learnt a lot and good to see it in action.” 

“Interaction great and relevant to today’s environment” 

I enjoyed the show being interactive. Great performance” 

“They created a safe space” 

“Very professional and got to the key issues. Very enjoyable.” 

“Very entertaining, interesting and informing.” 

“True to life. Made the points well in an entertaining manner.” 

Testimonials from performance at the National Disability Insurance agency, Geelong 2015

“Kept you engaged for the whole time” 

“Down to Earth and realistic”  

“Interactive and relevant”  

“I thought it was very effective in simply presenting complex and confronting issues” 

“Entertaining and informative” 

“Empowering to be a part of the show.” 

“It was confronting but that’s what makes it work.” 

“Interactivity is very engaging and thought provoking” 

“The content and information after were very engaging”  

“It was fantastic!” 

Testimonials from attendants at the Arts Activated conference in Sydney October 2014

“raising awareness about disability in a fun and safe environment” 


“immediately educating to its audience” 

“incredibly telling and powerful…” 

“I enjoyed the experimental learning aspect…” 

“…very well acted, thought provoking – I won’t forget it!” 

” the cast and crew and show were wonderful” 

“informative, emotive, great experience” 

“Great performance! Real-life perspective was highly emotive and reiterated importance of awareness” 

“powerful and memorable” 

“accessible and non-confrontational” 

“interactive and good-humoured” 


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