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  • Being inclusive helps everyone feel they belong

  • Accessible services make it easier for everyone to join in

  • Diversity bridges difference

We help staff and volunteers of community organisations feel more equipped and at ease in assisting customers and clients with disability. The scenarios are based on real situations and will resonate with your employees and volunteers, giving them confidence in their day-to-day interactions.

A unique, lively and experiential approach to workplace training! 

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This isn’t another equity and diversity box-ticking exercise.  

Participants are immersed in the experience. They’re invited to engage with our mixed-ability actors as they play out real workplace scenarios drawn from the lived experience of people with disability. The training takes best practice equity and diversity theory and grounds it in reality.  

Real stories. Real problems. Real solutions.

We work with you and your team to make inclusion ‘a given’. For more information, download our Access All Areas Workplace Training brochure.

‘What an amazing experience. You can’t walk away and not think [about] what we can do better/differently. I encourage you all to attend any session.’ 

I wanted to share with you that the next morning I was thinking about the play and used the skills that had been reinforced in me. A carer had called to say that someone would not be attending work that day. I could hear the person in the background passing on the information so I asked if I could speak to them directly. What resulted was a lovely conversation about birthdays!’

‘I’ve been to a bunch of different disability awareness training sessions, and this one was probably the best!…Would totally recommend to any Canberra artists/activists/human beings who are keen on making the world a more inclusive place.’

Please contact us if you’d like to chat about bringing this session to your workplace. 

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