Acting Out: On Screen

Acting Out: On Screen

A free school holiday film program for LGBTQIA+ Youth aged 12-17 years

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Acting Out – On Screen is a 4-day intensive school holiday film program providing social connection and creative expression opportunities to LGBTQIA+ youth aged 12-17 years. The program is led by film/theatre tutors and trained counsellors, some of whom identify as LGBTQIA+ who will guide the participants in writing, directing, shooting and editing their own original short film.

In this program participants:

  • Take part in team building games and exercises
  • Learn acting, film and screen techniques in an inclusive and supportive environment
  • Write, shoot, and edit a number of new works about themes that are important to them

We are currently fundraising for our fourth Acting Out: On Screen program. If you would like to donate to the future of this program just click here and make either a one off or regular donation.

Someone laughs behind a camera as four young people smile in front of it under a tree

Acting Out participants and tutors smiling for the camera alongside ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr

In previous programs participants formed strong social bonds quickly, sharing stories about their experiences of being misgendered or bullied in school, and created a social media group chat to continue connection beyond the program. One parent informed Rebus staff that for some of the participants, this was their first time knowingly interacting with other LGBTQIA+ people their own age. Parents and participants alike have expressed interest in the continuation of the program, requesting it be longer in future.

Feedback from participants about what they enjoyed about the project:

  • This program is amazing and I hope it can happen again for more people
  • It’s a great experience for queer and neurodivergent kids
  • It is a great acting and film making course for youth people who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is a great way to meet new friends, broaden knowledge and make lasting memories!
  • It was so so good and really important, spaces like these are pretty rare, it was amazing to have a program full of queer and neurodivergent people. also we already have ideas for next year and everyone is really looking forward to next year!

Feedback from participants parents about what they enjoyed about the project:

  • This is a cultural and creative necessity for our community it promotes respect, inclusiveness and embraces diversity and tell young people they are supported and welcome in the arts/film (and beyond)
  • The way this program brings like-minded and marginalised kids together from across the territory is something else. The staff are incredible: so skilled and so tolerant, they all deserve massive credit
  • I’ve watched my teenager struggle with mental health and low confidence. LGBTQI+ youth peer groups and activities in the arts have been catalyst and instrumental in helping my teenage child find joy, meaning, confidence, and healthy mental health back into their life, more than therapy or medication. It’s programs like this that are making real positive impacts
  • Holiday programs are often one of the first expenses that get cut out when finances are tight, but having this *block* of time for our firstborn to connect with others, to do a project and be part of producing an actual thing was a super-powerful experience for them (and us!)

Acting Out On Screen was previously funded by the Chief Minister’s Charitable Fund (2019 & 2020) and brought to you by Rebus Theatre in partnership with Meridian and the Canberra Inclusive Partnership.

Rebus would like to continue this program up to twice per year with the assistance of sponsorship and philanthropic donations. If you would like to donate to this program just click here and make either a one off or regular donation.

Contact us to express interest in our next Acting Out workshops by emailing our enrolments team, or phoning 0403 815 784. You can also join the mailing list to stay in the loop about our programs.