The Art of Disruption

Rebus Theatre Presents:


Truth meets imagination on a journey like no other. 

May 30 – June 1 (1hr no interval)

7:30pm Thursday May 30

7:30pm Friday May 31 (Audio Description available)

3pm Saturday 1 June (Auslan Interpretation)

(All shows are captioned)

ACT Hub, 14 Spinifex St, Kingston ACT 2604

Tickets: $30 (Standard)/$50(supporter)/$10(Concession)

Step behind the curtain and into the tumultuous world of activist theatre, where the struggles of everyday life collide with the magic of storytelling. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the theatre, where the show must go on, no matter what.

Amidst the chaos of rehearsals and last-minute adjustments, a different kind of drama unfolds. A troupe of activist actors grapple with unexpected obstacles and the specter of corporate interference, testing their leadership and resolve.

As they strive to bring their vision to life, a fantastical tale of dragons, the challenges they face are not confined to the stage alone. True magic lies not in spells and sorcery, but in the resilience of the human spirit and the power of effective leadership.

Will the forces of creativity and resilience triumph over adversity, or will the weight of reality prove too great to bear?

In Rebus Theatre’s newest production featuring disabled actors and actors living with mental health challenges, witness the transformative impact of perseverance, creativity, and the strength of leadership as they captivate with their artistry.

The Art of Disruption is the third play in Rebus Theatre’s Flair program, where the cast is selected from Rebus’ community theatre programs and networks to enhance their artistic development by devising and performing a professional show. The Art of Disruption is co-directed by Sammy Moynihan and Melissa Gryglewski and will be showing at the ACT Hub from May 30-June 1st.

‘As the ensemble becomes more engaged in the creative process, we share hopes and dreams, fears and doubts, and collective vision for this work. We encourage each other to feature our strengths on the stage of theatre, flowing onto the stage of life.’ Second time Flair program actor Leanne Shutt.

The first Flair program show The Beauty Thief contributed to Rebus winning a Canberra Critics Circle Award for Theatre in 2021 and Utopiate, in 2022 received rave reviews.

‘Flair’ is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Go to for more information

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