Workplace Training

Workplace Training Promo Video   

Meet the Cast and Director of Rebus’ first interactive workplace training program, see live footage of the training, and hear feedback from participants including Dr Chris Bourke MLA.     

Rebus Forum Theatre based Workplace Training  

Unintended (now called Access All Areas – Recruit & RetainIntroduction and excerpts from Rebus’ workplace training performance at the ACT Health Directorate.

About Rebus Theatre and Open Doors Open Minds(now called Access All Areas  Community)

A free professional development inclusion training program for staff and volunteers of community organisations, developed and presented by people with disabilities. 

Creative Performances

Documentary about Pandemic Players and their performance of The Titanic 2020 

A documentary by  James Matthews about the Pandemic Players program, a partnership between Rebus Theatre and Council on the Ageing (COTA) to enable seniors to share their stories of COVI-19 through their original play The Titanic 2020.  

Excerpts from Moving Climates 

Excerpts from Rebus’ creative development performance of Moving Climates— a cross disciplinary exploration of how it feels to be a scientist working on Climate Change at Ralph Wilson Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre.  

Excerpts from Fractured 

Excerpts from Rebus’ creative development performance of Fractured, a cross disciplinary exploration of living with the effects of Trauma at QL2 Dance Studio, Gorman House.